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Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki
IceXPv4PowerPack MainMenu.png
Windows Ice XP v4
Architecture x86
SKUs Professional
Preinstallation Environment

Windows Ice XP v4 Power Pack is the 4th Release for Ice XP, it was released on 2008-10-14, and it's made by Greifi Grishnackh.

The Ice XP v4 Power Pack contains:

  • Ice XP v4 Basic - No Driver/SATA Driver
  • Ice XP v4 Evolution - No Driver/SATA Driver
  • Ice XP v4 Live - Bart PE & Live CD
  • Windows XP Recovery Console (Press the R Button to Repair your Computer)
  • Hiren's Boot CD v9.6 AiO Utility

To Create the Standalone ISO, Create using gBurner, without Installing some Apps (such as UltraISO).

Features for Installing Programs

The Installing Programs after Done Setup, it's called Windows Post-Install Wizard.

To make sure choose Programs, You must have Personalize your own ISO that are created,

It also Requires use Internet Explorer to work.

Editions for Ice XP v4

The Major Release for Ice XP v4, There is 2 Editions can be used containing Basic and Evolution.

This Live Version is named Ice XP v4 Live CD which it uses BartPE, the Network Support is not started but you can Do later by clicking "No".

Ice XP v4 Basic

The Windows Ice XP v4 Basic is the No Network Support, to install Full Version, use the Evolution Version.

It also Disables Cleartype.

Ice XP v4 Evolution

The Windows Ice XP v4 Evolution is the Similar as Ice XP v4 Basic, since the Basic Version only No Network Support.

Ice XP v4 Live

This is the Windows Ice XP v4 Live, named: Ice XP v4 Live Edition (known as Live CD/BartPE)


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