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XPDarkEditionv7 WinverSysProp.png
Windows XP Dark Edition v7
Architecture x86
SKUs Professional
BIOS date 2008-08-14 (Compiled)
Key MR49R-DRJXX-M6PX2-V96BF-8CKBJ (Valid Key, Unattended)

Windows XP Dark Edition v7 Rebirth is the 7th Release and it's final Version, it was Released on 2009-02-24. This is the First that Boot Function will be Disabled, If you want to use Boot Function, try Dark Edition v6.

It also Removed Full Option Version, since this is why not included Windows Sidebar.

As of 2020, A Corrupted ISO was founded from member BetaArchive Discord. Which it was available download on Google Drive. Some system files have been corrupted so you'll have re-create this project again to be remastered.



Included with 6 Versions, Full Option is not Present, it Contains:

  • Original Version
  • SATA/RAID Driver Version
  • All Driver Version
  • All Driver (no SATA/RAID) Version
  • Repair Version
  • Repair (SATA/RAID Driver) Version

Boot Function

Boot Function has been Discontinued, and it's Disabled by Catalogk, use Dark Edition v6 to work.

Help Button

The Help Button can now be used, Click it on Bottom as Question Mark to see Author is created & XP Version.

Since the String Says: 5.1 Build 2600.xpsp.080814-1300 which means it not included sp3_qfe Buildtag.


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