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Windows XP
Architecture x86, ia64
SKUs Professional
Home Edition
BIOS date 2001-08-19 (Not needed)
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Build 2600 is the RTM build of Windows XP, it was released on 2001-08-24. PC manufacturers could sell PCs with XP pre-installed on 2001-09-24, The RTM build went to General Availability on 2001-10-25 with 2 main versions: Home Edition and Professional. It had kernel version 5.1 (2000 is 5.0 and Neptune is 5.50). The build number was originally 2545 but later was forked.

The Build 2562 was included which is why it's already Fake, it uses Polish Language (or probably Czech Language).

There is a version of this build for Itanium 64-bit processors.