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Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki
Windows XP
Architecture x86
SKUs Professional
BIOS date 2001-05-31 (compiled)
Timebomb 2001-11-27 (+180 days)
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Windows XP Build 2485 is a Pre-Release Candidate 1 Build of Windows XP.


  • The Homestead and Metallic themes are now called Olive Green and Silver respectively which persists in the RTM.
  • The OOBE font for the speech of the question mark is now Arial instead of Comic Sans.
  • The Drumkit Test MIDI file is included starting with this build. It would be later removed in Build 2520.
  • The default wallpaper has been changed from Bliss to Windows XP Professional until this change was reverted in Build 2535.
    • This is also the first build to have the final version of XP's branding wallpaper. It replaced the previous one seen since Build 2465.[1]
  • The copyright dates are now shown in the lower-left corner of the winver banner as opposed to "Version 2002" seen in previous builds.
  • The Windows XP sounds are now used by default instead of the ones used by Windows 2000 and are now compressed unlike Build 2481.
  • The illustration images for the new and classic Start menu in the taskbar properties has been changed. This remained until Build 2600.3180 (SP3 Beta).