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Windows Vista Titit Edition
Architecture x64
SKUs Home Premium
BIOS date 2006-10-24
Timebomb 2021-12-31 (+5547 days)
2020-12-31 (+5182 days)

Vista 5840 Titit Edition is the Official Edition for Titit Vista. it was started on 2015.

The release date will expected in Late 2020/Early 2021. so it will available on archive.org site.


  • Firefox 53 supports Vista 5840, It will keeps continue Stable.
  • x64 Version included for change systemcpl.dll.mui
  • Includes LAMA Scuba Wallpaper including concept sheet.
  • Vista 5840 Extended Support will ends in 2027.
  • Supports Titit Users (e.g: Titit Chan}
  • All icons will be using Flyff.


  • All Editions (except Home Premium)

Using Oxygen

When you are using this build, you can Breath Oxygen, the more stable you working, you will never restart or shut down.

Oxygen is limited 6 hours, It will put into startup shutdown -s -f -t 21600 so that you can breath air.