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Windows Vista is an operating system by Microsoft. It was released worldwide on 2007-01-30. It replaces Windows XP and was replaced by Windows 7. It reached Pre-RTM on 2006-11-08, Support for Windows Vista ended on 2017-04-11.

The development of Windows Vista has gone through many stages, starting from 2001 (under the codename Whistler +1) to it's final release in November 2006. Windows Vista (or 'Longhorn' as it was originally known) was intended as a bridging release between 'Whistler' (Windows XP) and the later version of Windows 'Blackcomb' (which much later became Windows 7). Feature creep became an issue as development progressed, and stability was a major issue throughout development. As a result, development of Windows Codename "Longhorn" was reset, soon after the compilation of build 4093. These are the post-reset Longhorn/Vista builds. The original code base for Longhorn was Windows Server 2003 Release Candidate 1. Omega-13 builds also use Windows Server 2003 as a base, however the build used as the base is from the Service Pack 1 branch, which is a somewhat more stable codebase. In April 2005, a pre-beta build was released to testers (build 5048). This build showed the progress made since the reset, and also proved much more stable than previous builds. Build 5112 (Beta 1) was released to the public soon afterwards, and showcased an early version of the Aero interface, as well as many stability improvements over XP. Over the next year, many builds were pushed to testers in a public beta program. The final build out to Public preview testers was Release Candidate 2 (build 5744). The RTM build was build 6000.16386.

A total of 2 Service Packs were released for the Windows Vista operating system. Service Pack 1 was made available to MSDN subscribers on 2008-02-15, and was released to the Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update on 2008-03-18. Service Pack 2 was released to manufacturing on 2009-04-28, and released to the Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update on 2009-05-26. In addition, Microsoft released the Platform Update for Windows Vista on 2009-10-27, which was comprised of major new Windows 7 components and updated runtime libraries. The Platform Update requires Service Pack 2 prior to installation.


Windows Vista came in many editions. Unlike Windows XP , there was no special edition for Media Center and 64-bit capability, since these features were included in at least one of the consumer editions. Windows Vista also did not have an embedded version, perhaps due to the considerable grunt required to run optimally.

  • Starter This edition is intended for emerging markets and low-cost PC's. As in XP , the 3-program limit was there , and only 1GB RAM was accepted. Other software restrictions applied as well. This version is hence not available in 64-bit.
  • Home Basic Found in low cost to mid-end , this version of Windows Vista does not fully have Aero(though it has DWM) , and hence does not have effects like transparency and 3D Flip. Windows Media Center is also dropped from this build. Parental Controls is included however. It does not have the hardware and 3-program limit.
  • Home Premium The consumer version of Windows Vista , this version includes full Aero functionality and Windows Media Center. It also includes Premium Games(eg - Inkball).
  • Business The business oriented version of Windows Vista , it contains several features like full RDP(client/host) capability, Group Policy and domain join ability. However , Windows Media Center and Parental Controls are not included, and Premium Games are disabled by default.
  • Ultimate The top consumer variant of Windows Vista , it is a merger of the features included Windows Vista Home Premium and Business. Bitlocker is included in this version.
  • Enterprise The business variant of Windows Vista. It is similar to Ultimate, but without Windows Media Center and includes enterprise-specific tools.

Note that certain features(like Aero or TV support) may require premium/different/upgraded hardware and so may not be available on all PCs's.

Creating User

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This is for Pre-RC1 Builds to Pre-RTM (except 6000.16385)



These builds are post-reset Longhorn builds, primarily focused on reintegrating features from the pre-reset builds while maintaining stability. Most of these builds are similar to Windows XP in overall look and feel. Few builds from this stage of development have been released, officially or otherwise.

Buildlist-Green.png 5000.vbl_core.040803-2000
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5000.winmain.040908-2000
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5027.vbl_core_mig(davj).041006-1344
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5027.vbl_core_diag(josesua).050113-1134
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5032.vbl_core_build(jaykrell).050119-0943
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5033.winmain.050119-2030
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5034.vbl_wcp_avalon_dev(danmohr).050302-1220
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5036.NT.050205-1730

Beta 1

These builds are the official Vista Beta 1 builds. They contain remnants of the Longhorn branding, and are mostly stable.

Buildlist-Green.png 5112.winmain_beta1.050720-1600
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5112.9.winmain_beta1.051012-1700

Pre-Beta 2 Fork

These builds were released or documented during the evolution of Vista from Beta 1 to Beta 2-quality.

Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5203.winmain.050702-1000
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5206.vbl_srv_crpt(pingxie).050607-2121

Beta 2

These builds were mainly intended for consumers, and were considered beta-quality. However, these builds can be somewhat unstable, and are not yet fully feature-complete.

Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5271.0.vbl_media_ehome.051130-1800
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5277.NT.051206-1933
Buildlist-Green.png 5308.6:winmain_idx01.060202-1920
Buildlist-Green.png 5310.0:vbl_media_ehome_dev.060207-1800
Buildlist-Green.png 5329.0:vbl_media_ehome.060301-2145
Buildlist-Green.png 5337.0.vbl_media_ehome.060313-2100
Buildlist-Green.png 5355.0:vbl_media.060329-2048
Buildlist-Green.png 5360.0:vbl_media_ehome.060411-1930
Buildlist-Green.png 5365.8.winmain_idx05.060419-1800
Buildlist-Green.png 5371.0:vbl_media_ehome.060418-1930
Buildlist-Green.png 5378.0:vbl_media_ehome.060426-1930
Buildlist-Green.png 5382.0.winmain_beta2.060506-1900
Buildlist-Green.png 5384.3.winmain_beta2.060517-1235


These builds consist of interim builds designed to indicate progress to close partners and trusted testers. They are generally more stable than Beta 2.

Buildlist-Green.png 5435.vbl_media_ehome_dev.060523-2105
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5439.vbl_media_core.060511-1323
Buildlist-Green.png 5461.vbl_media_ehome.060621-1930
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5464.vbl_core(sepbld-s).060625-2150
Buildlist-Green.png 5469.vbl_media_ehome.060704-1930
Buildlist-Green.png 5471.vbl_media_ehome_dev.060711-1930
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5474.vbl_ux_dev_checkin.060711-1730
Buildlist-Green.png 5477.vbl_media_ehome_dev.060723-1930
Buildlist-Green.png 5505.6.vista_rc1.060807-2215

Mod Editions

Buildlist-Green.png Vista 5536 Titit Edition Pre-T1


Release Candidate 1 was feature complete, and contained most of the UI and features intended for RTM.

Mod Editions

Buildlist-Green.png Vista 5600 Titit Edition RT1


Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5716.32.winmain(wmbla).060928-1756
Buildlist-Green.png 5718.vbl_media_ehome.060905-1930
Buildlist-Green.png 5723.vbl_media.060912-1910
Buildlist-Green.png 5728.16387.winmain_idx06.060917-1430


This is an interim build, intended for close partners, which is actually a RTM Escrow build. Therefore, the name of RC2 is actually a misnomer.

Buildlist-Green.png 5738.vista_rtm.060925-1900


Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5750.vbl_media_core.060511-1323
Buildlist-Green.png 5752.vista_rtm.061003-1900
Buildlist-Green.png 5754.1.winmain.061006-1810
Buildlist-Green.png 5758.vista_rtm.061010-1900
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5840.16385.vista_rtm_client_akaDMD.061022-1800
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5841.16388.winmain(wmbla).061102-0655
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 5920.16384.vista_rtm.061021-0441
Buildlist-Green.png 6000.16384.vista_rtm.061029-1900
Buildlist-Green.png 6000.16385.vista_rtm.061030-1720

Mod Editions


Service Pack 1

Buildlist-Green.png 6001.16549.longhorn_sp1beta1.070628-1825
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 6001.16606.lh_security(sepbld-s).070621-1657
Buildlist-Green.png 6001.16625.longhorn.070720-1835
Buildlist-Green.png 6001.16633.longhorn.070803-1655
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 6001.17009.longhorn.070920-1905
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 6001.17014.lh_tools_devdiv_wpf.071009-110
Buildlist-Green.png 6001.17042.longhorn_rc1.071107-1618

Service Pack 2

Buildlist-Green.png 6002.16497.lh_sp2beta.081017-1605
Buildlist-BlueDoubtful.png 6002.17040.longhorn(sepbld-s).090310-1002
Buildlist-Green.png 6002.18005.lh_sp2rtm.090410-1830

Update SP1


Buildlist-Green.png 6001.18564.vistasp1_gdr.101217-0236
Buildlist-Green.png 6001.18589.vistasp1_gdr.110124-0245


Buildlist-Green.png 6001.22307.vistasp1_ldr.081111-1505
Buildlist-Green.png 6001.22443.vistasp1_ldr.090604-0003
Buildlist-Green.png 6001.22815.vistasp1_ldr.101217-0236

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