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Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki

Windows Thin PC is the successor to Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PC's. It is based on the embedded version of Windows 7 (Windows Embedded Standard 7), and serves as a thin client which can be used on older computers for users who do not want or do not have the option to upgrade hardware. The operating system is not available in the retail market, so the only legal way to obtain Windows Thin PC is through Microsoft's Software Assurance program, which is targeted at enterprise markets.

Windows Thin PC uses KMS/Volume license activation.

Removed Features

Various components and features of Windows 7 have been removed, including but not limited to: .NET Framework 3.5 with Client Profile, Games Explorer, System Restore, Tablet PC Support, Windows Backup and Restore, Windows Defender, Windows Disc Image Burner, Windows DVD Maker, and Windows Photo Viewer.

In addition, Windows Thin PC does not allow one to turn available Windows features on or off.

Windows Thin PC includes 134 fonts, compared to the default 436 in Windows 7.

Resource Usage

Although the OS is designed to repurpose older machines (much like WinFLP), it is not compatible with much older hardware that the latter is, including hardware from the Pentium 2-era.

For example, WinFLP can run on Pentium 1 systems, while Thin PC can not. WinFLP is also able to boot with only 128 MB of RAM.


Community Technology Preview

Buildlist-Green.png 1.1.0225.0.win7sp1_rtm_embedded_pos.110225-1900


Buildlist-Green.png 1.1.0242.0.win7sp1_rtm_embedded_pos.110427-1759