Windows Longhorn
Architecture x86
SKUs Professional
BIOS date 2003-03-06
Timebomb 2004-03-01 (+360 days)
TCB TCBGallery

Windows Longhorn Build 4011 is the Milestone 4 Build, it was Released on 2003-03-05, The Sources Folder is Corrupted, it needs use Build 4008 ISO.

This build is not much different from Build 4008, although by this point, virtually all references to Windows XP had been removed, including the old boot screen, which was now replaced by the actual Longhorn boot screen.

There's a bug that causes icons to go "fuzzy" when clicked. DCE now works again, in build 4008 it was broken.

The copy of this build that is widely available has a corrupt INSTALL.WIM, and as such, will not install properly, due to the damaged portion being the WinPE (Windows Preinstallation Environment). A working copy of this build can be: downloaded here


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