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Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki
Win7Build7000 Desktop.jpg
Windows 7
Architecture x64, x86
SKUs Business
Home Basic
Home Premium
Ultimate Check/Debug
BIOS date 2008-12-12 (Compiled)
Timebomb 2009-07-01 (+201 Days)
About dialog Win7Build7000 Winver.jpg
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Windows 7 Build 7000 is the Official Beta Build of Windows 7, which was released to the public on 2009-01-07. It was, however, compiled on 2008-12-12, 26 days before its public release. Prior to its release, this build was claimed to have been shared online on or before 2008-12-21.[1]

Bugs and Quirks


Unlike other Windows 7 builds, it contains a broken timebomb and can be installed on the current date.


Similar to Build 6936, changing themes is not possible if this build is installed on the current date.


Similar to build 6956, upgrading to this build will result in an additional Windows Media Player icon being placed on the Superbar if there is only 1 or 2 Windows Media Player icons prior to the upgrade.


If you change the titlebar to the largest size, a bugcheck will occur.

German Version

This build has three untranslated notifications in the German version, saying "Find an antivirus program online", "Set up Windows Update" and "Update Windows Defender" in English instead of German. The same also for the "Send feedback" shortcut on the desktop.


Black Screen of Death and broken services

The so-called Black Screen of Death and broken services that affects Windows Vista on certain processors, especially on Intel Haswell and later is fixed in this build.[2]