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Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki
Windows 7
Architecture x86
SKUs Ultimate
BIOS date 2008-11-22 (Compiled)
Timebomb 2009-07-01 (+221 days)

Windows 7 Build 6956 is a Pre-Beta Build of Windows 7. This build was leaked as an x86 Ultimate compile on 2008-12-04 and is currently the last leaked build before the official beta release. It was originally made available as a VHD which can be installed using the WinPE of build 6801.[1] This build, including builds up to build 7022 only have hidden features in Internet Explorer 8 that can be unlocked via apps such as Bluepill.

This build has been mislabeled as build 6965 in multiple sources, including ZDNet, which has posted a few screenshots of build 6956 with the article name mislabeled.[2]


  • The Superbar once again has minor appearance changes, including a more-bluish accent and less-appearing outlines around places such as the Start orb.
  • Many features - such as the desktop slideshow - are now enabled by default, leaving the only features locked behind Redpill being a few changes in Internet Explorer 8.
  • The places bar of the legacy Common File Dialog seems to be disabled by default like in build 6910.
  • When changing themes, the Login sound is played instead of the Tada sound.
  • UAC now shows a background again.