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Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki
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|sku = Advanced Server
|sku = Advanced Server
|winver = W2kADS-2124.1-winver.png
|winver = W2kADS-2124.1-winver.png
|rivals = {{Rivals|TCB=http://www.thecollectionbook.info/builds/windows/build/5821}}

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Windows 2000
Architecture x86
SKUs Advanced Server
BIOS date 1999-09-07
Timebomb +444 days after original install date
About dialog W2kADS-2124.1-winver.png

Windows 2000 Build 2124.1 is a Pre-RC2 Build of Windows 2000. An image of the installation CD and the Readme.doc were shared on the BetaArchive Discord server on 2021-10-16. The ISO was later uploaded the same day on the BetaWiki Discord server.