15002 Desktop
Windows 10-RS2
Architecture x64
SKUs Enterprise
BIOS date 2017-01-03
Timebomb 2016-05-01 (+148 days)
TCB TCBGallery

Windows 10 Build 15002 is a post-RTM build of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. This build was leaked on 2017-01-07.

This Build included BaseImage for Desktop Converter, at in WinPE Setup, it shows Hyper-V Boot Screen, by loading install.wim

How to install this BuildEdit

As this is a BaseImage for the Desktop Converter, it requires some additional steps to install.

Follow the instructions on the 'Inside Windows' website here.


  • Tab preview bar in Edge
  • Set tabs aside in Edge
  • Jump List for Microsoft Edge
  • Flash Click-to-Run in Edge
  • Web Payment support in Edge
  • Tile Folders in Start
  • Updated Windows Share experience
  • Capture a region of your screen
  • Improved high-DPI support for desktop apps
  • Smooth Window Resize
  • Desktop Icon Placement and Scaling Improvements
  • Simplified and faster VPN access
  • Improved sign-in dialog for apps
  • Lunar Calendar support for the Taskbar
  • Windows Ink Improvements
  • Easier discovery of Cortana’s app-specific commands
  • More recurrence options for Reminders
  • Keyboard shortcut change for invoking Cortana
  • A more inclusive experience out of the box
  • Narrator support for WinPE and WinRE
  • Braille support in Windows
  • Narrator Improvements
  • Improved legibility for UWP apps in high contrast
  • Windows Defender Improvements
  • Toggle in Windows Update to exclude driver updates
  • New Display Settings options
  • Lower Blue Light option in Settings
  • New per app Surface Dial settings
  • Windows Personalization now supports recent colors
  • Windows Theme Management in Settings
  • Improved Cross-Device Experiences Settings
  • Metered Ethernet Connection Support
  • Improving your precision touchpad experience
  • Quick Virtual Machine Creation in Hyper-V
  • Improved update experience
  • Windows Information Protection improvements for business customers
  • Input Method Editor (IME) Improvements
  • BSOD is now GSOD
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