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Windows 10 Iron
Architecture x86, x64, ARM64
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BIOS date 2020-10-02 (Compiled)
Key This build accepts Windows 10 license keys.
Timebomb 2021-01-31 (+121 days)

Windows 10 Build 20231 is the sixteenth Insider Preview Build of Iron. It was released on 2020-10-07 to all Insiders on the Dev Channel.

New Features

These features are only available to a small group of Insiders at first, meaning that not everyone will see this features right out of the box, and will roll out to the rest of Insiders soon.

  • Relevancy of initial device setup has been updated.
  • Better Management Options for App Default File Associations.


  • The "Meet Now" feature introduced in Build 20221 is now rolling out to all Insiders in the Dev Channel.
  • Graphics card information is now displayed on Settings>System>About.
  • The change to enable moving the text cursor via gestures on the touch keyboard introduced in Build 20206 is now rolling out to all Insiders.


  • Live preview doesn't work for pinned site tabs.
  • Some Office applications may either crash or go missing if you update to this build.
  • Some virtualization software have a chance of giving you a BSOD with the error code KMODE_EXCEPTION.
  • There's a chance of randomly encountering a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION BSOD.
  • The vEthernet adapter in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 distros can become disconnected after a period of use.
  • Some users can receive a Compatibility Assistant notification that says “Microsoft Office is no longer available”. Despite this, Office is still present and still works.
  • In some PCs, the taskbar is obscuring the Power button in the Start menu blocking the access to its options. To workaround this issue, use the options from the User menu (Win+X).