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Windows 10 Iron
Architecture x86, x64, ARM64
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BIOS date 2020-06-27 (Compiled)
Key Use a Windows 10 Retail Serial
Timebomb 2020-07-31 (+34 days)

Windows 10 Build 20161 is the 3rd Insider Preview Build of Iron. It was released on 2020-07-01 to Windows Insiders that are on the Dev Channel.


This changes are only available to a small group of Insiders at first, meaning that not everyone will see this features right out of the box. As of Build 20180, they are available for all Dev Insiders.

  • Updated the Start menu to inlcude theme-aware tiles, removed the solid color backplates and added a translucent background to the tiles. This update is only available to some Windows Insiders.
  • Tabs the user has got open in Microsoft Edge now show up in ALT+TAB. This feature is only available to a subset of Windows Insiders. It requires a Canary or Dev build of Edge.
  • A more personalized taskbar for new users.
  • Improved notification toasts.
  • Migrated the information in the System section of Control Panel to the Settings app. Links in Control Panel that would take you to the System section now take you to the Settings app.
  • You can now copy your device information in Settings.
  • Notification that asks the user if they want to switch to tablet mode now no longer appears when you switch to said mode on 2-in-1 PCs.

In the Beta and Stable Channels

On 2020-06-24, Microsoft released build 19042.421 of version 20H2, which brought all of this changes to the Beta Channel together with one of the features of build 20175. Later, cumulative update 19041.423 was released as an optional update to consumers with the May 2020 Update, in which users could enable the theme-aware Start menu and the enhanced Alt+Tab experience through a Registry tweak. This is something expected due to the fact that versions 2004 and 20H2 share mostly the same code and servicing, meaning that the modified values can be ported from one to another.


Enabling the new features

If the new features are disabled by default, you can enable them through the Vibranium Velocity (Vive) tool. To do it, download the ZIP containing the tool from this GitHub repository, extract the files and launch the executable from an elevated Command Prompt window. Once you run the executable, type the following commands:

vivetool addconfig 23615618 2

vivetool addconfig 23282664 2

vivetool addconfig 23447524 2

vivetool addconfig 23454425 2

ViVeTool.exe addconfig 15003065 2

ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23282664 2

ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23447524 2

ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23454425 2

ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23615618 2

After typing the commands, restart the computer to see the new features enabled. However, they use to revert randomly after several restarts, but they can also revert while the computer is in use.

Bugs and quirks

  • There's a chance that the system may crash with a HYPERVISOR_ERROR BSOD.
  • Notepad may fail to open files which were automatically saved during a PC upgrade (or restart if enabled in Settings). Documents can be recovered from %localappdata%\Notepad.
  • Task Manager may show a CPU speed of 0.00 GHz on the Performance tab. When Task Manager does not show 0.00Ghz it may also show abnormally high values.
  • In certain apps, if you press space while using the Korean IME, the last character is deleted.
  • You might see flashes of color during the tile animations on the Start menu.
  • The setting under Settings - System - Multitasking to set ALT+TAB to "Open windows only" does not work in this build.

Alternative toasts experience

If many of the new features, except the new toasts experience, were disabled by default on your PC, a rare condition would appear in which the app logo and Options icon improvements would appear, but the arrow from the older design would appear in place of the new X for dismissing the notification. This quirk existed during the quality test and disappeared with its ending on build 20180, in which the appropiate design was coded into affected machines.