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Raffine2014 Raffine2014 29 May 2017

The Ransomware Virus is Coming

In the 2017-05-12, the Ransomware Wanna Decryptor has Introduced, some a lot viruses are included which is why it's not used some Antiviruses Software.

  • 1 What this for Ransomware?
  • 2 Do you think why there's paying about Ransomware?
  • 3 How does that mean to work?
  • 4 Anti-Ransomware?
  • 5 Some Ads about Ransomware?
  • 6 How about SMADAV Indo?
  • 7 Windows Defender?
  • 8 More Details?

The Ransomware is just virus, which is why some detected viruses such as Trojan, Only for some reason you can use Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware to keep End the Wanna Ransomware!

Ransomware has included the BitCoin Donator, some Files has been Encrypted, and can't be renamed to the original File, the Data Files will be lost until 7 days, and the payment raised until 3 Days.

Ransomware is only jus…

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Raffine2014 Raffine2014 5 March 2017

Regarding about BetaWiki Fork

As any Suggested when BetaWiki Community Portal, Tau Ceti has Posted Topic for Fork BetaWiki, which this Wiki was named Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki.

Starting Person is named Tau Ceti, A Guy was interested even keeping add article on BetaWiki, I'll Comparing some Pages from BetaWiki and Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki.

  • 1 BetaWiki Stats
  • 2 Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki Stats
  • 3 Things what i can do
  • 4 What was happened about this wiki
  • 5 Anything Else to Mention users
    • 5.1 What i will not thanks to any persons
  • 6 Anything Else?

  • Content Pages was 765.
  • A Major User included 140.
  • 11,811 edits to BetaWiki.

  • Content Pages was 743.
  • 3 Users are included.
  • 2,653 edits to Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki.

If they are what something, they said updated this:

  • "UPDATE: Also, …

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Raffine2014 Raffine2014 10 January 2017

Introducing Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki

Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki is the Remake Wiki for BetaWiki, I've Decided to Add some lot Builds for Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc.

While Something lot more Users, We are included to some Other Users from Other Website (like BetaWiki), The User creator of AlphaBeta.

Since the last time, I'm decided to add My screenshots, But i don't want to reuploading like Clean Install, Removing Mod Editions like Windows XP.

I also wanted to Download Image from BetaArchive Wiki, Suddenly i thought i will do it for Windows 10 Article.

Yes, As insect, The BetaWiki included Guidelines and Rules, You might be able by moving the Hall of Shame.

These Hall of Shame that included aren't suppose to Reading the Guidelines, Unless you have Recreating the Page first,…

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