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In the 2017-05-12, the Ransomware Wanna Decryptor has Introduced, some a lot viruses are included which is why it's not used some Antiviruses Software.

What this for Ransomware?

The Ransomware is just virus, which is why some detected viruses such as Trojan, Only for some reason you can use Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware to keep End the Wanna Ransomware!

Do you think why there's paying about Ransomware?

Ransomware has included the BitCoin Donator, some Files has been Encrypted, and can't be renamed to the original File, the Data Files will be lost until 7 days, and the payment raised until 3 Days.

How does that mean to work?

Ransomware is only just a virus, some over lot Millions in Worldwide has failure to Saving data, to make sure support new updates for Windows, it will gets Critical Type for get Update.


Yes, Exactly Ransomware is very interesting for get viruses, the Quarantine will be added if these some files are crypted, you have do something about that.

Keep the System is stable, Do not get Ransomware Viruses, there's a Video has included made by Dannoct1 which is why only use Virtual Machines.

Some Ads about Ransomware?

Sophos are included the ADs, Ransomware would never allowed to get viruses, in anytime, some Forums are included topic about Ransomware such as Wanna Cry.

This would be supported Avast! and AVG.

How about SMADAV Indo?

Precisely, I don't know about Ransomware detection, the only thing is you have use Malwarebytes to keep Stable.

Windows Defender?

I guess... That's the meaning Ransomware is the Malware type, For those you have keep Update Windows Defender new Definitions that will keep stable.

Doing Windows Defender will supported Ransomware Malware, so please do not Download Ransomware, they will get unstable. use the Anti-ransomware to keep use it.

More Details?

I will provide it later.