Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki

As any Suggested when BetaWiki Community Portal, Tau Ceti has Posted Topic for Fork BetaWiki, which this Wiki was named Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki.

Starting Person is named Tau Ceti, A Guy was interested even keeping add article on BetaWiki, I'll Comparing some Pages from BetaWiki and Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki.

BetaWiki Stats

  • Content Pages was 765.
  • A Major User included 140.
  • 11,811 edits to BetaWiki.

Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki Stats

  • Content Pages was 743.
  • 3 Users are included.
  • 2,653 edits to Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki.

If they are what something, they said updated this:

  • "UPDATE: Also, BillyHatcher2012 is the head admin." -Tau Ceti

Notice that User is not BillyHatcher2012 on Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki, it was now named Raffine2014, Which is Probably I'm the person founder, and i am not BillyHatcher2012.

This Person has now Gone, They realized because AlphaBeta has blocked targeting to BillyHatcher2012, In that case, i am not acting like this person for BillyHatcher2012, i am Female.

BillyHatcher2012 is dead, so at least this account now gone. I only decided to keep Editing here this wiki, Even i can't wait new content pages.

Things what i can do

Despite, Ovctvct was Posted on Tau Ceti Talk User - About the BetaWiki Fork

If they realized, I'm the person i can protecting pages and deleted pages such as some Users are Vandalism.

What was happened about this wiki

I am the Founder for Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki, Which is the Fork of BetaWiki, Any lot some pages i added, some missing and uploaded some Files (such as Photo/Screenshot/Image).

During AlphaBeta & JaGoTu has Successful Installed MediaWiki, so in that case it will be named BetaWiki, since Founded on 2013 (If late 2013 or mid-2013).

Anything Else to Mention users

I would like to Thanks for Fandom Staff (E.G: Mira Laime), These why i created this wiki so i named Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki.

Special Thanks to AlphaBeta & JaGoTu from BetaWiki.
Special Thanks to Tau Ceti that was Created some Pages & Minor Edits.
Special Thanks to Ovctvct from BetaWiki.
Special Thanks to BetaArchive Wiki, That i grateful while keep alive this Wiki.
Special Thanks to Overdoze, for Creating Pages like Windows NT 3.1.
Special Thanks to Fandom Staff (Mira Laime) that i Created This Wiki.

What i will not thanks to any persons

I will not Thanks to User99672 on Betawiki, That Guy who keeps Reverting Revision pages.

Anything Else?

In that case, There's nothing what i can do. I will keep this Wiki alive so i can editing instead this wiki.

Thank you.--AyamiOoruri29 (Talk) 14:14, March 5, 2017 (UTC)