Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki

In Other words, the Wikia/Fandom Staff didn't close this wiki, So apparently today i already scheduled to close this wiki. As you might know, It was probably not interested for this wiki.

More Importantly, You know what this wiki means? it's already now dead, and closed.

So as you may know, i've deleted some pages because now 954 pages i have. Instead i did dumped for Request this wiki to dump it before close wiki.

For now, I'm set scheduling close in November 15, 2017. That's what if i am not going edit. This wiki will be Gone now.

To be honest, we know i went try do something at east, so i'm not gonna edit this wiki until it will No Recent Changes and logs are included. which that, This wiki will be locked.

In other words, we know i don't care as you do it, now i wonder need do something before that do it.

We are going close this wiki, it's what now i already scheduled until November to close this wiki.