Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki

I have been Deleted some pages since we are going close Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki. at least, This wiki was finally dead.

To be honest, Today we are going to close this wiki, as instead. I already contacted Wikia (Fandom) Staff since don't want close some reason.

If actually to close this wiki, we are going close now. Instead i don't care to do something.

Was you did closed Spyro Texture Hack Wiki?

Yes, I did close Spyro Texture Hack Wiki, that's the reason i was deleted pages when i don't care about that. CrystalBlazier didn't notice about SpyroEdit Plugin for ePSXe.

So you might know, i am going close this wiki that I ALREADY CONTACT to Staff Fandom/Wikia. So be sure i want close this wiki.

Although i want close this wiki, but no wants to close this wiki before that, it didn't close tomorrow.

So that's all it takes.