1 Year ago, this wiki has finally dead, And we are considered to close, Although went tried contacting to Fandom Staff, they said won't close wiki.

In Other words, i already closed Wiki for Spyro Texture Hack, so i'd rather this wiki is finally Dead.

After many long time, i'm surely i have dumped files for my wiki, i really need do something about it.

So what we should doing now?

We are going close this Wiki, so almost died project about fork BetaWiki, Please stop talking about BillyHatcher2012, I am aware because i am not same person. If you're thinking what my name, don't ask about BH2012 anymore.

You notice what kind happened that is, Asking about this person are not allowed, Like BH2012. So i'd rather close this wiki.

Our Fandom Staff will close this wiki, so i really know i want do something.

Anything Else?

I think... This wiki will be dead, so instead i'm going close this wiki as far before dump some pages.

Please close this wiki, the Closure wiki will set date at October 28, 2017.


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