Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki


I'm the Founder for Operating System, Beta, etc. This is remake for BetaWiki.

Fortunately, I know that Rules & Guidelines for Betawiki, I apologize because My Account is blocked on BetaWiki.

Before the User named BillyHatcher2012, Fortunately this account is now dead on betawiki, So at least I'm not BillyHatcher2012 anymore, I decided to use Custom Signature named "AyamiOoruri29".

You might want see RTM & Beta Keys.

I am planning to create pages, Even know, i'll keep editing here instead while i will copy source from BetaWiki and BetaArchive, the Wikipedia are okay to copy source, since Lot more pages are included if is Missing.

Favorite OS

Here are following My Favorite OS, I really Love some OS what is.


Currently i have Following:

  • Acer n10 - Pocket PC 2003

Animate GIF

During if you unsure that PNG File has used for JPG File for fandom, which is why it was the file is failure.

Depends I Decided uploading for Test Animated GIF.