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Titit Chan is the user loves 5840 and she love Oxygen, it is a Sister for Titit Ayami.


She is started to using 5840, she wants to stay 5840 and she using skype named saberlily821, She acts titit chan. She wants to Staying 5840 forever and she hates using shutdown.exe and logoff.exe.

Possibly, She is Titit Development User, She loves Standard User because she is not administrator, She unplug AC Adapter and she loves drain Battery, Her Reason is she will stay alive her laptop.

When She married to Shahrin, She is loving to Him. He will kiss to her, and she hugs to him.

She also hates Restart, Shut down her laptop, She wants to staying 5840 forever. and she used hibernate.


She do breathe Oxygen.


  • Titit Ayami gives you do not change cursor.
  • She gives to become Standard User.