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ReactOS 0.5-SVN r74240 is the Trunk/Nightly Build for 0.5.0 Series, it was Created at 2017-03-28.

Launching the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT.exe) doesn't work, When you launch this file MRT.exe, you will see Version Latest are available, in that case, just Click OK and your System will be Freeze.

Using HBCD 9.9 can be Fixed some Applications that including Visual C++ Redistributable.

Tests for 0.5-SVN r74240

Ayami Ooruri

  • 7-Zip 16.04: Works - Install & Works OK, Minor Up Button & Address Bar is white
  • IrfanView v4.42: Works - Works Fine Without Setup, Can be used to see Image, with Plugins.
  • WinRAR 5.40: Works - Installs & Runs OK.
  • AkelPad 4.9.2: Works - Install & Runs OK, can be Saved ".txt" File.
  • Putty SVN 2016-12-30: Works - Issues for Basic Options PuTTy Session transparent, Runs Fine.
  • KiTTY (Fork Putty) : Works - Issues for Basic Options KiTTy Session transparent, Runs Fine, Same as Putty.
  • FastStone Capture 8.4: Works - Installs & Runs OK, Can be Taking Screenshot.
  • GhostCast Server 12.0 (Build 8010): Works - Runs OK to creating Session.
  • PowerISO 5.5: Works - Installs & Runs OK, the Issues by pointing any (such as File), a cursor appeared.
  • Inno Setup Compiler 5.5.3: Works - Installs & Runs OK, can be opened Example Script, creating New Script Blank might be work.
  • Notepad++ v5.9.8: Works - Installs & Runs OK, Works fine to Saving txt File.
  • Recuva v1.21.373: Works - Installs & Runs, the About Tab on Options has Issues Font Recuva.
  • XnView v2.13: Works - Installs & Runs, the Issue Preview is Broken for viewing Images.
  • WinImage v9.00: Works - Installs & Runs OK, Can be Injected File, Core-10349 when Paint Window is not displayed Correctly in Older Revisions.
  • DOSBox v0.74: Works - Installs & Runs OK to work, Like launching NTVDM.
  • Attribute Changer 7.11: Works - Installs & Runs OK by Right Clicking any files (e.g: 7z1604.exe).
  • MetaPad v3.5: Works - Works OK, copied from Hiren's Boot CD 9.9.
  • Resource Hacker 3.6.0: Works - Installs & Runs OK, can be opened Any Files (e.g: mstsc.exe).
  • WinZip 14.5: Works - Installs & Runs OK, can be Added files for ZIP, I Decided create ZIP file using WinRAR.
  • HotSwap! v5: Broken - Works OK, however if you right clicking and click Exit, the System will be Freeze.

Games & Emulators

  • Castlevania - Rondo of Blood: Works - Installs & Runs OK without Sound.


Ayami Ooruri