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ReactOS 0.5-SVN r72421 is the Trunk/Nightly Build for 0.5.0 Series, it was Created at 2016-08-21.

The Applications will worked fast, But the only thing you will get BSOD by clicking Close on Winimage, nor maybe Possible Lag/BSOD.


Tests for 0.5-SVN r72421


  • KeePass 1.14 - Works, Reason: Installs OK, fine.
  • A43 File Manager - Works
  • Startup Control Panel v2.8 - Works, Reason: Find on Control Panel on Start Menu by pointing Settings.
  • TUGZip v3.4 - Works.
  • Imagine v1.0.9 - Works.
  • FastStone MaxView v2.2 - Worked
  • Mozilla Firebird 0.7 - Worked, some Issues will gets Lag.
  • Kitty - Works (it also based on PuTTY)