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ReactOS 0.4-SVN r47244 is the Trunk/Nightly Build for 0.4.0 Series, it was Created at 2010-05-16.

PowerISO 2.1 & WinRAR 4.11 is now Worked finally, This Issues from r44972.

Tests for 0.4-SVN r47244


  • 7-Zip 9.20: Works - Install & Works OK, Worked and some minor Address & Up Button is Broken or Work.
  • Mirc v6.35: Works - At MIRC Options, the problem can show it between near servers & options, Runs Fine and works.
  • Drive Snapshot v1.40 (2010-07-07): Works - Only the problem is by clicking Backup Disk to file not work, use Mini XP to work.
  • Putty SVN 2011-05-01: Works - Issues for Basic Options PuTTy Session transparent, Runs Fine.
  • FileZilla 3.3.1-RC1: Works - Issues Tab for "Failed Transfers" & "Completed Transfers" and Queued Files, the Icons are Square, Works Fine.
  • DOSBox 0.72: Works - It will moving Command Prompt when App Error, use Task Manager to End dosbox.exe process, Works fine.
  • WinRAR 4.11: Works - On Setup, the License Agreement not showing, Works Fine.
  • gBurner v2.7: Works - Icon for Disc not appear, The Themes are Minor Broken on Menu Bar, it works fine.
  • AkelPad 4.4.3: Works - Install & Works Fine, can be Saved ".txt" File.
  • Explorer++ v1.2: Broken - Given Error for user32.dll PrintWindow not located or P not located in C.
  • Mozilla Firebird v0.7: Broken - Nothing Works after installing Wine Gecko.