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ReactOS 0.4-SVN r27730 is the Trunk/Nightly Build for 0.4.0 Series, it was Created at 2007-07-19.

This does not work on VMware, Which it was extremely CPU Halted, using QEMU can be used, However it is Corrupted Color, since it needs set 32 Bit Color.

Tests for 0.4-SVN r27730

  • Active@ UNDELETE v5.0.015: Works - Runs OK, from HBCD 7.0, just Skip the Error Dialog while settings.ini is not found.
  • DTemp v1.00 RC8: Works - Runs OK from HBCD 7.0.
  • WinRAR 3.00: Works - Install & Runs OK, The Issues has included such as string "40 Days trial copy", the OK has up on WinRAR Logo.
  • FastStone Capture v3.1: Works - Install & Runs OK, Can be Caputed Screenshot.
  • Putty SVN 2007-06-11: Works - Works OK, however the Title Bar was Transparent.
  • gBurner v2.7: Broken - The Computer Freezes after Install is completed.
  • 7-Zip v4.65: Broken - Install & Runs OK, Double Clicking the Computer will Closes automatically.