ReactOS releases a nightly everyday. As of today, the latest alpha is version 0.4.14.

To get the latest Nightly/Trunk Builds, Click here to download the Boot CD or Live CD.

How to get working on Microsoft WindowsEdit

To use ReactOS Files (EXE & DLL), You'll need to run Windows XP or newer OS, therefore it can work by the following:

  • ReactOS Application Manager
  • ReactOS Explorer (New)
  • Command Prompt (ROS), It Requires named CMD_ROS.exe to use it.
  • System Configuration Utility (New)

DLL, etc. FilesEdit

ReactOS comes with various new DLL Files, which contains:

  • Kernel32_Vista.dll
  • Wined3dcfg.cpl
  • advapi32_vista.dll
  • usrmgr.cpl
  • ws2_32_new.dll (Discontinued)
  • disk_new.sys (Drivers)
  • notifyhook.dll (Discontinued, can be copied to launch ReactOS Explorer Old)

It also works on Windows XP or newer OS, which means Windows Server 2003 is Recommended.

Reporting as WorkstationEdit

Right Click on My Computer Icon at the Desktop, then Click Properties, click Advanced Tab and click System Settings.

ReactOS can be reported as Workstation, however it is Built as a Server OS. Check "Report as Workstation" to change it for Applications Only.

0.4-SVN BuildEdit

0.5-SVN BuildEdit


  • The last Subversion Revision was 76031. since then it was moved to Github. Downgraded to 0.4.7-dev instead 0.5-SVN.
  • Nightly Builds are formerly called Trunk Builds.
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