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We would like to ask you to follow those rules to prevent any possible conflicts.

Breaking or abusing the rules, depending on the severity, can result in either a verbal warning on your talk page or a temporary/permanent ban on administators' discretion.

By editing on Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki you acknowledge that you have read those rules.


Those guidelines are there to unify the website look. They define the usage of common templates, naming standards and more common things like the date/time format.
  • Use the Delete template to mark infringing articles for deletion.
Read the linked article for the exact criteria for a correct use.
  • There is no User about Billyhatcher2012 on this wiki
Only the Reason for user BillyHatcher2012 is now dead, Please stop mentioned user, if you keep talk this user, Then its Permanently Blocked/banned.

Talk pages

  • Prefix new talk page threads with a header.
It makes an unnecessary mess from the page without these.
  • Sign your comments on talkpages.
If you want to be anonymous, make a user account, the signature will bear your username instead.
  • Keep talk pages fully intact, with all previously added threads present.
The only exception to this rule is a staff member removing a controversial thread.
  • Talk pages are not a private messaging service
Use a different service to request your builds.

User pages

  • Advertise only on your own user page.
Articles on beta community projects will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Don't edit user pages of other users.
A very rare exception is staff removing inappropriate content.
Admin Users are proceed to editing, however if removing inappropriate content, then it's not recommended.


  • Use your common sense.
The rules are not exhaustive. Do not assume that not forbidden automatically means allowed. We are not going to tolerate spam, vandalism, or not-so-okay usernames. Proxies and Tor are allowed as long as they are not abused to break those rules.

Rev Logs

  • Updated 2nd Revision Rules.--Raffine2014 (Talk) 12:57, March 6, 2017 (UTC)