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Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki

Welcome to the Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki

An open encyclopedia of software history

I am not affiliated for BetaWiki because the wiki is never closed. so this will open to bring somethign else.

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Introduced in November 2016 , Making sure it's Recommended to additional some Pages that wanted.

After Decided for adding Games and Applications, This might will be from BetaArchive wiki to additional some Games is missing.

Operating systems


Some Icons will be added in future.

Transformation Pack

The Transformation Pack includes Transforming Any Operating Systems that running Windows XP/2003.

  • VistaMizer - Compatible for Windows XP & Server 2003.
  • SevenMizer - Compatible for Windows XP & Server 2003.
  • Longhorn Transformation Pack - Compatible for XP but you'll need patch uxtheme.dll
  • XPize - Compatible for Windows XP & Server 2003, with 64-bit Support.

Virtual Machine Emulator




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Something Else

Did you know?

  • ...that Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs requires only 64 MB of RAM, whereas its base Windows XP requires 4 time that?
  • ...that there are two Windows Longhorn builds with the same build number and lab, which are distinguished only by compile date?
  • ...that Ubuntu will be restarting its name system with version 17.10?
  • ...that real-life events caused a major sudden change to Windows XP's advertising campaign?
  • ...that in Windows Longhorn build 4042 (Lab06_n) there are folders both with the XP-style 'My' name and the Vista-style name which dropped the 'My'?
  • ...that there was at least one Windows 7 build which had an E SKU (removing IE), which was never included in RTM?
  • ...that the new periodical release system for Windows 10 has jumped build numbers twice?
  • ...that there was a test for Windows NT 3.5x to see if it could use the Windows 95 shell, namely New Shell/Technology Preview?