• Jorden Lang


    June 16, 2020 by Jorden Lang

    Today i update the wiki

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  • Xeifeds39583

    Mac Os Is Comming

    June 28, 2019 by Xeifeds39583

    Fuck Yeah

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  • Raffine2014

    It's time to block myself, Although this wiki surely i'm deleted pages, At least the reason: Removing content pages.

    To be honest, i am going block myself, which in case, I Will never edit this wiki, and in case it's not gonna be work.

    At one thing, So let's surely i can going say goodbye this wiki.

    Before i was started in 2016, this wiki was fork. So instead, i'm not going edit this wiki so be sure i'm leaving now.

    So, apparently i don't care for this wiki, so i'm not going to edit this wiki, instead it's now died. Some Fandom/Wiki Staff asked me because doesn't want going close this wiki. apparently it would be good.

    For now, i'm leaving this wiki. it's what because no longer edit and we thankful for some users in future.


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  • Raffine2014

    If you notice, This is FINAL PART, Now as you may know, I'm apparently going leave this wiki.

    It doesn't know what kind that is, So now. I can block myself then i leave this wiki, It's what apparently not working to close this wiki.

    So, as far we don't remember do something, We are going delete some pages i have, Then i'll block myself (If i can't do myself, i won't do it), But you may know, i am going delete some pages right now before it closes soon.

    To be honest, i have tried do something about it, now instead i wonder do something, I have rename wiki should be: 666 Wiki.

    That's all. We are working delete some pages now.


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  • Raffine2014

    In Other words, the Wikia/Fandom Staff didn't close this wiki, So apparently today i already scheduled to close this wiki. As you might know, It was probably not interested for this wiki.

    More Importantly, You know what this wiki means? it's already now dead, and closed.

    So as you may know, i've deleted some pages because now 954 pages i have. Instead i did dumped for Request this wiki to dump it before close wiki.

    For now, I'm set scheduling close in November 15, 2017. That's what if i am not going edit. This wiki will be Gone now.

    To be honest, we know i went try do something at east, so i'm not gonna edit this wiki until it will No Recent Changes and logs are included. which that, This wiki will be locked.

    In other words, we know i don't care a…

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  • Raffine2014

    I have been Deleted some pages since we are going close Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki. at least, This wiki was finally dead.

    To be honest, Today we are going to close this wiki, as instead. I already contacted Wikia (Fandom) Staff since don't want close some reason.

    If actually to close this wiki, we are going close now. Instead i don't care to do something.

    Yes, I did close Spyro Texture Hack Wiki, that's the reason i was deleted pages when i don't care about that. CrystalBlazier didn't notice about SpyroEdit Plugin for ePSXe.

    So you might know, i am going close this wiki that I ALREADY CONTACT to Staff Fandom/Wikia. So be sure i want close this wiki.

    Although i want close this wiki, but no wants to close this wiki before that, it didn't clos…

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  • Raffine2014

    1 Year ago, this wiki has finally dead, And we are considered to close, Although went tried contacting to Fandom Staff, they said won't close wiki.

    In Other words, i already closed Wiki for Spyro Texture Hack, so i'd rather this wiki is finally Dead.

    After many long time, i'm surely i have dumped files for my wiki, i really need do something about it.

    We are going close this Wiki, so almost died project about fork BetaWiki, Please stop talking about BillyHatcher2012, I am aware because i am not same person. If you're thinking what my name, don't ask about BH2012 anymore.

    You notice what kind happened that is, Asking about this person are not allowed, Like BH2012. So i'd rather close this wiki.

    Our Fandom Staff will close this wiki, so i really …

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  • Raffine2014

    In the 2017-05-12, the Ransomware Wanna Decryptor has Introduced, some a lot viruses are included which is why it's not used some Antiviruses Software.

    The Ransomware is just virus, which is why some detected viruses such as Trojan, Only for some reason you can use Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware to keep End the Wanna Ransomware!

    Ransomware has included the BitCoin Donator, some Files has been Encrypted, and can't be renamed to the original File, the Data Files will be lost until 7 days, and the payment raised until 3 Days.

    Ransomware is only just a virus, some over lot Millions in Worldwide has failure to Saving data, to make sure support new updates for Windows, it will gets Critical Type for get Update.

    Yes, Exactly Ransomware is very interest…

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  • Raffine2014

    As any Suggested when BetaWiki Community Portal, Tau Ceti has Posted Topic for Fork BetaWiki, which this Wiki was named Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki.

    Starting Person is named Tau Ceti, A Guy was interested even keeping add article on BetaWiki, I'll Comparing some Pages from BetaWiki and Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki.

    • Content Pages was 765.
    • A Major User included 140.
    • 11,811 edits to BetaWiki.

    • Content Pages was 743.
    • 3 Users are included.
    • 2,653 edits to Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki.

    If they are what something, they said updated this:

    • "UPDATE: Also, BillyHatcher2012 is the head admin." -Tau Ceti

    Notice that User is not BillyHatcher2012 on Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki, it was now named Raffine2014, Which is Probably I'm the person founder, and…

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  • Raffine2014

    Operating System Beta, etc. Wiki is the Remake Wiki for BetaWiki, I've Decided to Add some lot Builds for Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc.

    While Something lot more Users, We are included to some Other Users from Other Website (like BetaWiki), The User creator of AlphaBeta.

    Since the last time, I'm decided to add My screenshots, But i don't want to reuploading like Clean Install, Removing Mod Editions like Windows XP.

    I also wanted to Download Image from BetaArchive Wiki, Suddenly i thought i will do it for Windows 10 Article.

    Yes, As insect, The BetaWiki included Guidelines and Rules, You might be able by moving the Hall of Shame.

    These Hall of Shame that included aren't suppose to Reading the Guidelines, Unless you have Recreating the Page first,…

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