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98Lite is the Project for Removing Internet Explorer, it was Released on 1998-11-22, and it was made by Shane Brooks.

This Build will uses Windows 95 Explorer, it is Compatible for Windows 98/98 SE or Windows ME.

Using 98Lite

The 98Lite can be obtained on The Website, You must Purchase this Application to use this software, Otherwise there are Freeware for 98Lite v4.5 Preview.

Choosing 98Lite Preview does not include 98Micro, In that case, This is Proof of Concept, there are 3 Types to Choose:

  • SLEEK - a blisteringly fast incarnation of the Windows 95 Explorer
  • CHUBBY - a faster Windows 98 Explorer without the web integration
  • OVERWEIGHT - the fully featured Windows 98 Explorer complete with web-view and active desktop.
  • 98Micro - A hybrid using the Windows 95 Explorer totally "webless" and totally protected from IE security holes. With a tiny footprint and fast bootup, Click here to Continue Reading.
    • Only 98Micro can be uses Professional Edition.

Each you use this Software, Sleek and Chubby can be dis-integrated your web browser from your desktop, If allows you to keep Internet Explorer for web browsing.

What kind for Comparing Preview to Professional or Enterprise?

Those Enterprise License can Seen here, Each Enterprise 98Lite included XPlite/2000lite.

The Professional only if you click Buy Now, So in that case, there is a Zipped 98Lite made by trustBA, Click to see on OneDrive.

Version History

  • 98Lite v1.3 - Released on 1998-11-22
  • 98Lite v2.0 - Released on 1999-09-01
  • 98Lite v2.05 - Released on 1999-09-16
  • 98Lite v2.06 - Released on 1999-11-27
  • 98Lite v3.0 - Released on 2000-05-18
  • 98Lite v4.0 Pro - Released on 2000-09-06